On Wednesday afternoon, we had our yoga enrichment workshop here at Learning Garden Childcare with Lisa of 123 Kids Yoga!

Yoga is fantastic for children on so many different levels.  First, it’s great at developing their Physical / Gross Motor skills as the children practice bending, balancing, and posing in challenging ways.  Lisa took the children on metaphorical “trips” that took the children through the poses in fun and interactive ways.  The Juniors and Toddlers went “camping” and bent down to “put up tents” and stretched to the sky to “touch” the stars. They went for a “walk through the forest” and saw different animals and objects that they attempted to pose like such as rocks, frogs and snakes. The Seniors went “flying around Europe” as Lisa taught the children several poses and balancing challenges.

Yoga is also fantastic at developing the Emotional Domain as it helps to focus the children’s attention, emotion, and behaviour.  By teaching the children different breathing techniques, the children are able to utilize these methods to gain control of their emotions and behaviour and learn to self-regulate.  Yoga also promotes a positive attitude towards learning as the children take on new challenges and risks, and are ultimately able to express satisfaction and joy on learning new things.  The Seniors were especially proud of themselves when they were able to hold difficult poses, and enjoyed showing them off to their peers and teachers.

They ended with some deep breathing exercises to refocus their attention, and put their hands up in the air before respectfully bowing to each other and saying namaste.

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