It’s Gardening Week here at Learning Garden! The children this week have been learning all about gardens and plants, and we planted our little gardens in each of our 3 rooms. Gardening is a fun and healthy activity that most children enjoy. Learning about plants and gardening can help children develop an empathy for their environment. This week, the children learned how plants need to be taken care of and the importance of water, sunlight and soil for plants to grow. They also learned about the different gardening tools and implements used as we planted the gardens in our playground!

The children are responsible for taking care of these gardens everyday – they will be watering, weeding, and eventually harvesting and eating the delicious organic veggies grown. We find the children really love eating the vegetables they’ve had a direct hand in helping to grow – even the children that profess to “hate” vegetables.

We can’t wait to taste our first tomato of the year!

Song: Out in my garden (Tune: Down by the Station)
Out in my garden, early in the morning
See the little vegetables all in the row
See the rows of carrots and the rows of peas
Water, hoe, grow, grow – In my garden please!